Want To Talk To A Naturopathic Doctor For Free?

Phil Nauta

Hi, my name is Phil.

I started BetterCare.Online because I wanted to work with a naturopathic doctor without having to pay $100-$200 per session.

And I wanted to work with them online by video and messaging so I didn’t have to travel to them every time I needed an appointment.

Unfortunately, nothing like that existed, so in 2017, I created it.

I've just hired a new naturopathic doctor who has a wide-open schedule, so for a limited time, you can have a full hour with her for free (we usually charge $99 for this, and most naturopaths charge at least $150 for an intro session).

If you want to read more about how all of this works, you can do that here, but be sure to come back to this page to sign up because this is the only page where it will be free instead of $99.

When you're ready, the first thing the naturopathic doctor needs is for you to answer some questions, which you can do below...

Please Let The Naturopath Know More About You...