About Us

Our mission is to give you access to an experienced naturopathic doctor more quickly, conveniently and affordably than you can find anywhere else.

We believe healthcare should be affordable and accessible for everyone.

About Phil Nauta

Phil NautaI've been teaching people how to grow their own nutrient-dense organic food since 2008.

Along with that, I've become more and more interested in learning more about how to live a longer, healthier life.

In 2017, I started BetterCare.Online simply because I wished there was a way I could speak to a naturopathic doctor on a regular basis without having to pay $100-$200 each time.

I noticed that technology was finally allowing healthcare to come online in a secure way and I figured it could be much more affordable and convenient for people doing it online.

I couldn't find anybody doing it with 'natural' healthcare, so I emailed the idea to some friends who are naturopathic doctors and they loved the idea.

We spent most of 2017 figuring out to how to make it as simple and inexpensive as possible for you while also adhering to all of the strict rules surrounding healthcare security and privacy, including HIPAA, PHIPA, PIPEDA, CONO and a whole slew of acronyms.

And here we are (and yes, I was the first client).

You can email me at support@bettercare.online if you have any questions.