Our service is not currently available. We haven't found the time or money to make it work. Maybe someday 🙂



Our service is not currently available. We haven't found the time or money to make it work. Maybe someday 🙂

BetterCare.Online gives you online access (by private video and messaging) to a licensed naturopathic doctor for an exceptionally low fee - all from the comfort of your own home.

What Makes BetterCare.Online Different?

It's more affordable.

Because we work online, we're able to offer you 1-on-1 support for a fraction of the usual in-person price. Plus, your insurance will often cover you.

It's more convenient.

You can book an appointment any time and then 'attend' it online - from your own comfy, cozy home (or anywhere else). No traffic, no waiting rooms.

It's more effective.

As licensed naturopathic doctors, we take the time to provide you with a holistic, individualized, multi-faceted program that gets results.

How Does It Work?

Naturopathic Doctor Online Session
You can start right now by clicking the blue button below. Then:

  • Within 24 hours (often within just 1 hour), we match you with the best naturopathic doctor for your situation.
  • You can start working together right away - by secure video and messaging.
  • The video part is great for establishing a personal connection with your practitioner and having conversations just like you would in a clinic. There's no special software required - all you need is a computer that can do live video, i.e. with a webcam and a decent internet connection.
  • The messaging part is also exciting because it means instead of saving up all of your questions for some future session, you can send them over to your practitioner any time. Then your practitioner reads them and responds quickly.

It really is that simple, and because we work online and have low overhead, we're able to offer you 1-on-1 support for a fraction of the normal price:

For just $49$49CAD, you can communicate with your naturopathic doctor for 60 minutes (and 30-minute follow-up appointments are also $49$49CAD).

(For comparison, seeing a naturopathic doctor in person usually costs $150-$200 for the initial session and then $100-$150 for follow-up sessions.)

And note that your health insurance may reimburse you.

If it sounds like a nice deal to you, click the button below to sign up. We'll ask you some intro questions and then within 24 hours, we'll match you to the best practitioner for your situation.

Or if you have any questions first, you can use the live chat in the bottom-right corner of this screen or email

"I just wanted to thank you. My practitioner was extremely approachable and friendly, instantly setting me at ease with the prospect of discussing my health online. He was thorough and professional in framing our initial conversation and painting a clear picture of what the experience would be like. I also felt like he struck a helpful balance between asking probing questions that guided the conversation while also welcoming my input. He was exceptionally responsive, and whenever I sent him messages I never had to wait more than a few hours for an answer – certainly a first in my healthcare experiences!" N.Z.
"The convenience of doing it from my home computer was a deal-maker for me. I also appreciated how my naturopathic doctor really packed in a lot of information/his thoughts during our session. He was gracious in letting me guide what health concerns I wanted to talk about, but also took control in areas that he thought deserved more attention. I walked away feeling grateful for the experience. Overall he gave me a great vibe." H.N.
"My practitioner was awesome! I found that she genuinely listened to all of my symptoms and concerns. She made sure to address all of my concerns and I really appreciated that she took the time to explain everything to me. With regular doctor's appointments, I have to wait well past my schedule appointment time only to see the doctor for 15 minutes and be rushed out the door. I was excited to have someone listen to my symptoms and explain everything thoroughly. I found it very easy to keep contact and found that my practitioner responded very quickly." N.S.
"I felt that my practitioner was personable and listened and offered some very useful suggestions that were easy to execute at home. I got the recommended medications right away which was again very easy to do and delivered within 2 days. The other positive about the online experience is being able to book the appointment at a certain time and it happen at that time, not 40 mins later." T.O.

1 Month, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our naturopaths are really good at what they do. We chose them because they have a track record of getting results.

We're so certain our service will be helpful to you that we're happy to offer a refund in the rare case it isn't.

If you're not satisfied for any reason with your appointments in the first 30 days, just email and we'll give you a full refund right away - no hassle.